Wednesday, 15 June 2011

President George "Dubya" Bush

Everybody's Favourite President George W Bush!

George gets his wiggle on during a state visit, showing the locals how they get down in Texas.

This is how people greet each other in Texas, it's considered affectionate in this part of the world.

This chap loved 'Dubya' so much he gave him the clothes from his back, even his shoes! What a nice gesture!

Here's 'Dubya' back down on the ranch having a conversation with his father, Bush senior.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Paris Hilton Gifs!

Paris Hilton is our theme for today, everybody's favourite hoteliers daughter!

Paris Hilton accidentally pours petrol into her tumble dryer.

Paris is everybody's favourite lap dog! See if you can spot the deliberate mistake in this photo.

Paris got so desperate for a fix she even tried smoking her tampon once! (gross)

Poor young Paris, people just don't get her! She is trying to change the world and help America and this is what she gets. What is the world coming to?